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Worm Castings Premium Organic Fertilizer Earthworm Vermicompost

Worm Castings Premium Organic Fertilizer Earthworm Vermicompost

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About our castings

Our worms are commercially raised in a carefully controlled and clean environment. They are fed a steady diet of composted cow manure. This ensures that our worms consistently produce the highest quality castings available!

Our castings are processed through a commercial worm harvester machine. This is done to separate the worms and bedding while producing a high quality finished product. All castings are processed through an 1/8" mesh screen to ensure that our worm castings are as pure as possible.



Worm castings are considered by many as the richest natural fertilizer known to man. As little as a tablespoon of worm castings can provide enough nutrients to feed a small potted plant for over two months. Worm castings promote healthy plant growth more than any other natural product on the market.

Worm castings are much more than a fertilizer. The castings enrich soil with micro-organisms. The microbial activity in worm castings is 10 to 20 times greater than most soil. These micro-organisms improve root structure and growth. They add natural plant hormones to the soil, improve  germination, plant growth, and crop yield

Worm castings improve the water retention of the soil and attract additional earthworms that are already present in the soil. The attraction of earthworms improves soil aeration as well as microbial activity.  Adding worm castings to your garden bed can improve the soil quality for years.



How to use


Worm castings can be mixed directly into the soil. They can also be applied to the top of the soil on household and inside plants. The nutrients will soak down thru the soil each time they get watered.

Seed starting:

The size and growth rate of seedlings and transplants will show noticeable improvement when mixing 1 part worm casting to 3 parts seed starting mix.


Worm castings can be mixed directly into the soil. You can also spread 1-4" of castings on the top of the soil. The nutrients will soak down thru the soil each time they get watered.

Roses and Perennials:

Top dress roses and perennials with worm castings, or mix into the soil above the roots.

Established lawns:

Broadcast Worm Castings at a rate of 10 lbs of castings per 100 Sq. feet of lawn.

New lawns:

Apply 10 Lbs. of Worm Castings per 100 sq. ft. of lawn. Work the castings into the top 2" of the soil. Apply grass seed and water well.

Planting trees and shrubs:

Dig your planting hole. Apply 4" or worm castings to the center of the hole and spread the plants roots over the castings. Insert your plant and fill the rest of the hole with fertile soil.

Making and applying worm tea:

Worm tea can be used to fertilize house and garden plants while watering. It can also be sprayed onto their leaves as a foliar fertilizer. There are a few methods for making worm tea. The following methods are the most common.

Method 1: Soak 1/4 cup of worm castings in a gallon of water overnight. Strain the tea solution and dilute with water as necessary before use.

Method 2: Fill a 5 gallon bucket 1/5th of the way with worm castings and the rest of the way with water. Use a small air pump like the ones used for small fish aquariums to add oxygen to the solution. The tea should be allowed to steep with the oxygen bubbles for at least a few hours. Strain the tea solution and dilute with water as necessary before use. (Optional: You can add 1/4 cup of molasses to increase microbial activity when brewing if preferred)


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee



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