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Earthworm Chow Worm Food for Red Worms & Nightcrawlers

Earthworm Chow Worm Food for Red Worms & Nightcrawlers

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About Purina Earthworm Chow

Purina Earthworm Chow is the industry standard grain mix used by professional worm growers. It is a scientifically formulated food specifically made for rapidly growing any type of earthworm. Earthworm chow can be used as a feed supplement, or as a primary source of feed.


Earthworm Chow is ideal for starting new worm bins. Without worm chow, it can take several weeks for a new worm bin to achieve the proper balance of Ph and nutrients. Without a properly balanced and healthy environment, worms will grow slow, will not compost well, and will not reproduce. Our company produces thousands of worms each year, and this is the only commercially available feed supplement that we trust.



Purina Earthworm Chow all of the essential vitamins and minerals that earthworms need to thrive. It help young worms grow rapidly, increases the size of adult worms, and improves worm breeding and reproduction.



How to use

Feed earthworms daily, or adjust to management program. Sprinkle feed and water lightly over earthworm bed. Adjust the amount of feed as needed to the amount that the worms will consume daily. If composted organics are used for bedding, decrease the feeding rate.

Do Not overfeed. This can lead to sour moldy bedding.


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