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500 Colored Waxworms

500 Colored Waxworms

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Colored Waxworms have a distinct advantage over normal live bait. They offer fish with a visually appealing food option, as well as the natural smell and taste that they love.

Colored Waxworms are visible to fish in various lighting conditions. Fish have a greater chance of seeing and smelling the bait when ice fishing, or fishing dark and murky waters.

In heavily fished areas, Colored Waxworms can give anglers a true advantage over other fisherman. When everyone else is using the same bait, our colored waxworms stand out to fish. Colored Waxworms have been known to sraw fish out of the weeds, even on days when fish are finicky and are not drawn to other baits.

Waxworms are a time tested and well proven fishing bait. They work great for catching Bluegill, Sunfish, Perch, Crappie, Bass, Trout, Whitefish, and Catfish. Many anglers use waxworms for ice fishing. However, they work well year round. Some days panfish and trout will hit nothing else, and they prefer waxworms over red worms and night crawlers.


Caring for waxworms

All orders are guaranteed to have at least the quantity listed in the description. Make sure that the waxworms are kept cool, around 45 degrees. Wine coolers work will for storing waxworms. You can also store them in the butter tray in a refrigerator, or in a cool basement, as long as the temperature is correct.

Waxworms should be stored in low humidity. If the bedding feels moist, crack the container lid to allow the bedding to dry out. Be sure to remove any dead, or black worms daily.


Live Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee live delivery of our waxworms. We always package extra worms to account for any that may die while shipping. If an excessive amount die during transit, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery.  We are happy to work with you to make things right.

Our live delivery guarantee applies only when temps are below 85º and above 25º at our facility, during transit, or at your delivery location. A person must be available to receive the shipment. If waxworms are shipped to a PO box, they must be picked up the day they arrive, or the live delivery guarantee is voided. To ensure that the waxworms do not die during hot or cold temperature months, orders should be requested to  "Hold for pick up" at the post office.

If your waxworms appear to be lifeless upon arrival during cold weather months, place them in a warm area and inspect it in around one hour. Often they are chilled and are fine and healthy once they warm up.

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